New Release of Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine Jul 03, 2024

New Release of Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine

Product Introduction

The Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine is an advanced polishing equipment specially designed for metal eyeglass frames. It adopts rotary vibration technology and achieves efficient and uniform polishing through automated operations. This equipment not only improves polishing efficiency but also significantly enhances the surface quality of the products, ensuring that every eyeglass frame achieves the best glossiness.

Technical Parameters

1. Vibration frequency: 30-50 Hz, adjustable to meet the needs of different materials and processes.
2. Power: 2.2 kW, highly efficient and energy-saving, suitable for long-term continuous operation.
3. Volume: 100-200 L, capable of handling various sizes of eyeglass frames.
4. Material: High-strength stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life.
5. Control system: PLC intelligent control, easy to operate, and precise control of polishing time and intensity.

Applicable Products and Surface Treatment

The Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine is suitable for various metal materials of eyeglass frames, including stainless steel, titanium alloy, and aluminum alloy. The combination of high-frequency vibration and abrasive materials effectively removes surface micro-defects, enhancing the glossiness and aesthetics of the products.

Treatment Effect

This equipment ensures that every eyeglass frame achieves uniform and consistent polishing effects through precise rotary vibration technology. The polished product surface is smooth and delicate, free of scratches and burrs, significantly enhancing the product quality and market competitiveness.

Problem Solving

Our Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine is designed to solve common problems in traditional polishing processes. Here are its key advantages:

Detailed Processing

1. Polishing of bent inner walls and inside pipes: Traditional polishing methods often struggle with complex-shaped workpieces, especially in areas such as bent inner walls and inside pipes. Our water grinding machine adopts high-frequency vibration technology combined with special abrasives, easily reaching these difficult areas, ensuring every detail is thoroughly processed.
2. Angle polishing: The machine is finely designed to polish various complex angles, ensuring the overall surface is smooth and flawless.

Maintaining Original Shape

1. Low damage: During the polishing process, our equipment causes minimal damage to the product surface, achieving the desired glossiness while maintaining the original shape of the product.
2. Consistency: High-frequency vibration technology ensures uniform polishing effects for every eyeglass frame, reducing quality fluctuations caused by manual operations.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

1. High efficiency and energy saving: Compared to traditional polishing machines, our water grinding machine improves polishing efficiency while consuming less energy, saving significant energy costs.
2. Environmental protection and dust reduction: Traditional polishing methods often generate a large amount of polishing dust, affecting the workshop environment and operator health. Our water grinding machine is equipped with an advanced dust collection system, effectively reducing dust emissions and improving workplace safety.

Overall Efficiency Improvement

1. Automated operation: The equipment is easy to operate, with a PLC intelligent control system that can be programmed, significantly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.
2. Consistency and reliability: Automated operation processes ensure product consistency and reliability, greatly reducing the defect rate and enhancing the overall production line efficiency.

Advantages and Case Study

Compared to the popular vibration bowls on the market, our Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine has achieved technological upgrades in multiple areas:

Technological Upgrades

1. Advanced vibration technology: The water grinding machine adopts higher frequency vibration technology, which distributes abrasives more evenly, enhancing the polishing effect.
2. Intelligent control system: With the introduction of a PLC intelligent control system, more precise polishing parameter settings and operations are achieved, ensuring each product achieves optimal polishing results.
3. Environmental design: The equipment is equipped with a highly efficient dust collection system, significantly reducing dust emissions during the polishing process, improving the working environment, and reducing health impacts on operators.

Efficiency Improvement

Compared to traditional vibration bowls, the Metal Eyeglass Frame Water Grinding Machine significantly improves production efficiency in the following areas:
1. Fast processing: The combination of automated operation and high-frequency vibration technology makes the polishing process more efficient, significantly shortening the processing time for each batch.
2. Consistency: Automated control ensures consistent polishing effects for each product, reducing quality fluctuations caused by manual operations.
3. Energy-saving effect: While improving efficiency, the equipment consumes less energy, saving significant energy costs and making the entire production process more economical and efficient.

Case Study

In a factory mainly producing metal eyeglass frames, after introducing our water grinding machine, production efficiency increased by 30%, and product consistency and glossiness were significantly enhanced. This not only improved the overall efficiency of the production line but also provided higher quality products for customers. For example, after using our equipment, each eyeglass frame produced by the factory meets the high standards required by customers, resulting in a 20% increase in order volume.


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