From the Beginning: A Look at Mass Polishing's History

JINGS Polishing was established in the 1990s in one of the earliest surface treatment companies in China. We have our own factory that produces all kinds of surface treatment products, including vibratory finishing machines, centrifugal barrel machines, centrifugal disc machines, mass finishing media, etc. Because of the high-quality products and customized solutions, we have long-term cooperation with world-famous brands of Chinese processing plants. 
Mass Polishing provides a complete and perfect solution when solving product surface treatment problems for our customers. We make the most reasonable choices for finishing machines, finishing media, and finishing compounds based on the material performance, structural shape, size, surface state, and final surface requirement of the products. Mass Polishing will meet the customer’s requirements for the surface treatment of different products and the technology provided can fully enable customers to obtain various processing effects.

The full application in many of the following areas is sufficient to prove that the complete surface treatment solution we provide has the best results: Automobile, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Textile machinery, General engineering, Magnetic material, Precision ceramic, Bearing, Sewing machine, Hardware, Medical instruments, Glasses, Jewelry, Aerospace, Gear, Tableware, Plastic, Hydraulic parts, Casting parts, Machined parts, Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Copper alloy, Titanium alloy, Nickel-titanium alloy, Zinc alloy……

JINGS Polishing Company has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality surface treatment products and advanced surface treatment processes. With over 25 years of surface treatment experience in the area, we have the lowest cost and best technology for our customers. We are proud of our professional advice, quality machine, fast technical delivery, and trusted after-sales service.

Committed to Quality: Our Certifications and Accreditations

Where Ideas Become Reality: Our Factory Floor

Making a Difference: Our Customer Success Stories

"I was in the market for a vibratory finishing machine for my metal fabrication business and after a lot of research, I decided to go with Mass Polishing. I have to say, I'm extremely happy with my decision. The machine has exceeded my expectations in terms of both performance and efficiency. And, the tumbling media that Jings Polishing recommended has been a perfect match for the type of work I do. But, what really sets Jings Polishing apart is their customer service. When I had an issue with the machine, their team was quick to respond and get everything sorted out. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would highly recommend Mass Polishing to anyone in need of high-quality vibratory finishing equipment."

"When our production team was having trouble getting the right finish on our small metal parts, we decided to try out Jings Polishing's centrifugal disc finishing machine. The results were impressive! The machine was able to produce a consistent, high-quality finish on every part. And, the team at Mass Polishing was fantastic to work with. They provided excellent training and support to help us get the most out of the machine. I can honestly say that Mass Polishing's centrifugal disc finishing machine has been a game-changer for our business."

"We had a lot of experience with tumbling machines, but we were new to centrifugal barrel machines. When we decided to give Mass Polishing's centrifugal barrel machine a try, we were blown away by the results. The machine was able to produce a high-quality finish on our parts faster than any other method we had tried before. And, Dennis made the process so much easier. He was able to program the machine to perfectly match our needs, which saved us a lot of time and effort. We're extremely happy with our purchase and would definitely recommend Jings Polishing to anyone looking for top-notch centrifugal barrel machines and tumbling media."

"I had the pleasure of working with Jings Polishing on a large project for one of my clients. They needed a high volume of parts to be finished with a very specific texture, and Mass Polishing was up for the challenge. They recommended their machine and provided us with the tumbling media we needed to achieve the desired result. The machine was easy to use and produced a consistent, high-quality finish on every part. The team at Jings Polishing was also great to work with. They were available for support and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Jings Polishing to anyone looking for top-notch finishing equipment and excellent customer service."



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