Enhancing Brass Products with Automated Polishing Technology: A Case Study from South America Jul 10, 2024

Enhancing Brass Products with Automated Polishing Technology: A Case Study from South America

By Max, Technical Engineer at Jintaijin Polishing Technology Co., Ltd.


As a technical engineer at Jintaijin Polishing Technology Co., Ltd., I am dedicated to advancing the field of surface polishing and grinding technology. Today, I am excited to share a technical case study involving one of our South American clients, who sought our assistance in refining the surface of their brass products.
Our client was facing challenges with the rough surface of their forged brass pipes. They needed a solution to achieve a bright, smooth finish without compromising the integrity of the engraved text on the products. The solution we provided involved the exclusive use of our automated polishing technology, eliminating the need for manual polishing.

The Process

Initial Rough Polishing:

- We used a strong cutting force abrasive material, specifically No. 15 plant-based abrasive media, to perform the initial rough polishing. This step was crucial in removing the majority of the surface irregularities and preparing the product for finer polishing.
- During this stage, we added our proprietary Jintaijin polishing paste to lubricate the process, ensuring a smooth and consistent finish.

Intermediate and Fine Polishing:

- Following the initial rough polishing, we transitioned to finer abrasives, using No. 10 and No. 8 plant-based media. These abrasives further refined the surface, enhancing the brightness and smoothness of the brass pipes.
- The automated nature of the OBD-BG01 machine allowed for precise control and consistency throughout the polishing stages, ensuring an even finish across all products.

Advantages of the OBD-BG01 Polishing Machine

The OBD-BG01 high-speed rotary grinding machine proved to be the ideal solution for our client's needs due to several key advantages:
- Efficiency and Speed: The automated process significantly reduces polishing time compared to manual methods, allowing for higher production rates.
- Environmental Benefits: The machine operates with minimal environmental impact, reducing waste and the need for hazardous chemicals.
- Precision and Consistency: The machine ensures uniform polishing, maintaining the integrity of engraved text and intricate details on the brass products.
- Versatility: The OBD-BG01 can effectively polish both the external and internal surfaces of products, including irregular and uneven areas.


The implementation of our automated polishing technology not only met but exceeded our client's expectations. By utilizing the OBD-BG01 machine, we achieved a smooth, bright finish on their brass pipes without damaging the engraved text. This case highlights the importance of advanced polishing solutions in modern manufacturing, demonstrating how technology can enhance product quality and production efficiency.
At Jintaijin Polishing Technology Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement drives us to push the boundaries of surface polishing technology.


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